Week 9 -“Should This Exist?”


Is very interesting how we have been analyzing the technology and its impact in our daily life’s, since the beginning of the course, where we have all made interesting discussions and propose good dilemmas about the big progress we are having, with the help of all the innovations we are hearing about every day. These comes with the great opportunities, like for example, communicating what we think to everyone and also with family that is hundreds of kilometers away from us. There is no doubt that it´s very helpful but the darks side about these is that we have a high cost to pay: our privacy.

But well, those are other themes that are related with our principal topic of this text. Now let’s analyze our real thematic, we are being  introduced to a “new” stage of development, where every month more or less we have a new invention, so at this rhythm we have arrived to the possibility in which there is not an indispensable thing that a human is on charge of an action and with doing this the action can be done in a more effective, fast, accessible or easy way, and of course that it would not be the same because there is always the need of the “human factor” but it´s a start.  Example of my point there is a very interesting project called “Woebot: A virtual therapist” in which with a help from an App that was designed by world-renowned universities and clinical psychologist, whom had very good results with these kind of innovations because there are statistics that tell us that 1 of every 5 persons in the USA have some mental illness and 2/3 of them can´t be treated correctly, so this app could be a great help and improvement for them.

But there is always the big problematic that we sure say difficult or special information to a therapist so how we are sure this private information doesn´t end in other place, another very important point for this app is that we communicate 93% of our information by a non-verbal way, so how much accuracy these app could have. And so on, it´s a temporal solution that could help, but not more than that. And similar advantages and disadvantages we could have with these kinds of improvements, for now:

  • Affectiva: Software That Detects How You Feel.ventajas
  • Halo: A Headset That Makes You Learn Faster.
  • Etc …

So, let´s see how these continues developing and check if really, they could be an ethical, effective solutions for us. In my opinion they really are a good solution, but the “security and privacy” theme still needs a lot of work and until then these will not show us the real potential that it has.








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