Surveillance aspects of smart cities.

During all our course and the development of our team projects we had said, the big advatanges the apps and the technology bring to us and these big improvements come with a cost to, in a more specific way we can say every project that involves data collection holds potential concerns over data privacy. And there is the big concern of pose the idea of  creating smarter, safer cities, or keeping personal data safe?”

So it’s a very complicated problematic of the 21 century to be resolve, because it involves a lot of “varibles“, for example we all know that cyber threats are increasing—and becoming increasingly sophisticated. We can assume that these dangers will only increase as the amount of data gathered via the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow.

And the IoT, beside they existed from several years from now, the present days are in the ones that are being exploted, like a kind of fashion, and well with these kind of implementations it´s imposible to make this work without the data that we, the users, need to provide to make the algorithms do their work, but intil where this point its valid?

The issue becomes one of education and transparency. Will we, as smart city residents, know what data is being collected, how it’s being monitored, how it’s being used, to whom it’s being sold, and what will be done with it in the future?

Then after raising these, one unique or posible way to solve this dilemma is make the use of the private data the most transparent possible, but these is very very complicated, thanks to the companies, to the people, to the interest of everyone.



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