Week 7 – Smart cities in the future.

It´s very impresive how the population on our planet continue growing and changing the way we live, for good or for bad. Thinking in how this affects the  growing range of the big cities we have that according United Nations reports that there are a total of 1.3 million people moving into cities every week, with the urban populations growing to 6.3 billion, or 68% by the year 2050.  (Continue reading this: https://hyp.is/ZAOs8kXIEemyg6c1AktJZg/ interestingengineering.com/5-things-you-will-see-in-the-future-of-smart-city).

So with the arrival of this number of citizens, the organizations inside of the cities need new ways to cover these kind of demands and for that it´s the reason the technology is a primary thing to implement as a tool for a solution. And this is what big cities like Boston are doing, using apps like Waze for the urban services or using some kind of sensors to help the GPS signal in difficult places, etc.

So with these kind of growing in technology and in population what we will may see in a near future on our daily life?


The first invention to think of is the famous innovtion of the autonomous vehicles, examples of these posible innovations we have companies like Toyota to Renault, that have showcased fully autonomous vehicles, cars capable of understanding their surrounding environment to make decisions  a smart vehicle that communicates with the other surrounding vehicles to ensure that you get from point A to point B both as quickly as possible and as efficiently as possible.

Also the idea of having a zero emission city is not too far away from becoming reality.

The future smart city will include a host of clean energy sources to power its city. Energy in smart cities is efficient, using less energy because of the constant real-time data collection and analysis.

There are many ideas that the developers have seen to make more effective the cities:

  • Smart infrastructure.
  • Smart IoT.
  • Smart data.

So we have many paths to grow, so now we will only we part of this big change for good or for bad , we will see.



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